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MG MGB Roadster at Classic MG

MGB Roadster
This is one of the photographs held in the archive at Classic MGs. The MG MGB Roadster below is just one of a selection of classic MG sports and saloon cars in this archive. The MG pictures were all taken in museums or at public car shows over the last few years. For more examples of classic MGB Roadster, plus other classics from the Abingdon factory, please see the homepage menu.

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(Photo No.22) Classic MGB Roadster built by MG Cars

A nice example of the MG MGB Roadster car

MGB Roadster photograph : The MGB Roadster is one of the most popular classic cars in the UK. One reason is that everything is available - even reproduced bodyshells. To anyone contemplating buying a classic this is one of the easiest types to buy. Although if you want to be a bit different and fancy more of a challenge there are other sportscars to consider instead. This B dates to 1964

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